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  "Everyone at ETCapital is focused on liberating the talent of the entrepreneurs we back" – Martin Rigby  

ANNIE BROOKING – Partner Emeritus
Annie Brooking was a lecturer and researcher in computer science for fifteen years before moving to Silicon Valley in 1985. She was a Senior Product Manager at Sun Microsystems, Director of Marketing at Symbolics Inc and a Principal at MAXWEST, where she acted as a technology marketing adviser to a number of West Coast venture funds including Vision Capital. Returning to the UK in 1990, she founded the first technology transfer brokerage in Cambridge before becoming CEO of Lux Inflecta, an Icelandic developer of collaborative Java application development tools. She became an investment director at ETCapital in 2002 and subsequently became CEO of Astron Clinica, a QTP investee company, in 2003. She is currently CEO of Bactest which has developed an innovative microbiological testing platform. Annie Brooking was Visiting Professor at the School of Computing Science in the University of Newcastle from 2004 to 2006 and is an Associate at the Open University's Knowledge Media Institute.

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