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  "Everyone at ETCapital is focused on liberating the talent of the entrepreneurs we back" – Martin Rigby  


At ETCapital we receives many investment enquiries each month. We regard it as crucial to our reputation, and therefore to the success of our business, that we treat those enquiries with integrity. We do not, however, sign any forms of non-disclosure agreement or letters of confidentiality.

We will not divulge confidential information* given to us as part of an investment enquiry to anyone outside ETCapital or its panel of advisers without the permission of the person who sent it to us. If we receive an enquiry about a project or business which is in conflict or competition with one of our investees (or a business with which we are in more advanced discussions) we will let the sender know as soon as possible after identifying the conflict.

If you have any doubts about a potential conflict please telephone or e-mail us (see Contacting us) to discuss the issues before sending us a plan or an executive summary.

*Information that is neither obvious nor in the public domain at the time of our receiving it.


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