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Funding Technology

David Gill and Martin Rigby , Managing Directors of ETCapital, have been part of a research team which has looked at the funding of technology based growth businesses overseas. The team's first report, published in March 2000, looked at the US experience. Subsequently, the team has published reports on Israel (2002), Germany (2003) and Britain (2007). Click to download any of the reports.

Show Me The Money

In 2013, David and Martin co-authored a book, with Alan Barrell, on raising finance for high growth businesses Show Me The Money (right).




The books behind Funding Technology - Britain Forty Years On:


Noel Annan

The Dons - Mentors, Eccentrics and Geniuses

Engaging insider account of the personalities behind UK universities since the 18th century


Philip Augur

The Death of Gentlemanly Capitalism: the Rise and Fall of London's Investment Banks

From the old-boy network to the modern financial powerhouse, what was lost and what it tells us about Britain today.


William Baumol

The Free-Market Innovation Machine: Analyzing the Growth Miracle of Capitalism

Does what it says on the tin; the difference between invention and innovation and why it matters to civilization


Philip Bernstein

Capital Ideas - The Improbable Origins of Modern Wall Street

A first hand account of how finance theory moved from academia to Wall Street and beyond.


Amar Bhide

The Origin and Evolution of New Businesses

Pioneering account of start-ups and taxonomy of entrepreneurship.


David Connell

'Secrets' of the world's largest seed capital fund

How the United States Government uses its SBIT programme and procurement budets to support small technology firms


R Coopey and Donald Clarke

3i - Fifty Years Investing in Industry

The story of the firm behind the first wave of the UK venture industry


Henry Etzkowitz

MIT and the Rise of Entrepreneurial Science

How a leading science institution pioneered the transfer of research and became an international role model.


Udayan Gupta

Done Deals: Venture Capitalists Tell their Stories

Oral history of venture as it emerges in the US.


Gordon Johnson

University Politics

Text and context of Francis Cornford's advice given to young academic politicians


Clark Kerr

The Uses of the University

Worldly lectures on higher education from the former head of the California system.


John Maynard Keynes

The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money

Beatifully written if no longer compelling account by a legendary polymath


Israel Kirzner

Competition and Entrepreneurship

Between neoclassical and Schumpeterian analysis


Frank H Knight

Risk, Uncertainty and Profit

Pre-war classic of the Chicago School


Bernard Levin

The Pendulum Years - Britain and the Sixties

In case you can't remember.


Geoffrey Moore

Crossing the Chasm

Pioneering analysis of marketing disruptive products to mainstream consumers 


Geoffrey Owen

From Empire to Europe - the decline and revival of British Industry since the Second World War

Crisp survey of Britain's difficult transformation by former editor of the FT.


R S Rosenbloom and William J Spencer

Engines of innovation: US Industrial Research at the End of an Era

How research and commercialisation models changed over the later 20th century


Anthony Sampson

Who Runs This Place?

Forty years on for the famous anatomiser of Britain


Michael Shanks

The Innovators: the Economics of Technology

Where Britain went wrong, by one of those navigating


Francis Spufford

The Backroom Boys

Ripping yarn of British technology achievements


Robert Stevens

From University to Uni

No-holds-barred account of how policy makers almost destroyed the jewels in the British educational crown


Richard Symonds

Oxford and Empire - the last lost cause?

Classicism and Cecil Rhodes and the impact of education on empire


Jean Tirole

The Theory of Corporate Finance

Lucid, comprehensive textbook with clear context for technical sections


Martin Vander Weyer

Falling Eagle - the Decline of Barclays Bank

Insight into how big banks make major mistakes and still keep going


D H Whittaker

Small Firms in the Japanese Economy

How small firms matter to Japan but are underserved by policy


Martin Wiener

English Culture and the Decline of the Industrial Spirit 1850-1980

Britain was first into the Industrial Revolution; why did it go wrong during the 20th Century?


Joseph A Schumpeter

Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy

Classic social theory by one of the economists responsible for the 20th century rehabilitation of entrepreneurs


David Gill, Chris Martin, Tim Minshall & Martin Rigby

Funding Technology: Lessons from America

Analysis of the funding of technology businesses in the USA - written at the height of the internet boom


David Gill, Tim Minshall, Martin Rigby & Bob Campbell

Funding Technology: Israel and the Virtues of Necessity

How is it that Israel is so often cited as the second most entrepreneurial economy in the world when its population is smaller than Scotland's


David Gill, Tim Minshall & Martin Rigby

Funding Technology: Germany - Better by Design?

Has state intervention or the newly privatised savings banks transformed the financing of growth business in Germany?


David Gill, Tim Minshall, Craig Pickering & Martin Rigby

Funding Technology: Britain Forty Years On

Forty Years after Harold Wilson talked of Britain's economy needing to be "forged in the white heat of technology", has that vision come true?



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